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Rosa Joy Makandi

Computer Technician
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Meru, Meru County, Kenya
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Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Aug 09, 2023 306 views

What can I do in order to be successful?

I am 17 and I would to help my parents out. There are 11 of us in total so it is a little hard on them. If I can learn anything useful that can help as much as possible that is the main goal.

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Aug 09, 2023 267 views

How did you get this job?

I want to know what you had to go through to get the job you have now

khamaje’s Avatar
khamaje Aug 07, 2023 680 views

What is your experience with troubleshooting existing electrical systems?

any problems at all from common to rare problems I should know. I am in trade school interested in electricians work

Lanaya’s Avatar
Lanaya Jun 16, 2023 421 views

how can i improve my writing skills?

Im a decent qriter myself and i just wanted to know if i need to know or expand my writing skills. I write things like stories and books but my work doesnt seem professional enough. I just need more input on how to ake y stories sound good.

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Jun 16, 2023 376 views

Is consulting for me?

I'm a current Junior in College, debating if consulting is the perfect fit for me. I'm currently interning for one of the big four and the work they're giving me is making me feel doubtful and overwhelmed.