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Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
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alexis’s Avatar
alexis Dec 03, 2023 852 views

What is culinary school like?

What is culinary arts school like and should i keep wanting to follow that career path now or focus on something else?

Sassa’s Avatar
Sassa Nov 08, 2023 395 views

What is a way you destress in the kitchen during a busy day ?

Hi, I am a graduate in high school, and isn't good at managing in a stressful situation.

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Oct 06, 2023 654 views

What are good ways to better my skills in culinary?

For example knife chopping, making food taste better, etc.

Ashten’s Avatar
Ashten Oct 03, 2023 472 views

What types of work eviornments do chefs work in ?

For example do chefs only work in restaurants or could they also work in food trucks?
I'm a student that goes to Waimea high school and i want to choose culinary as my career path.

Ulises’s Avatar
Ulises Aug 19, 2023 654 views

How do I start my culinary career?

I like cooking and learning new things to cook

Nancy’s Avatar
Nancy Jul 31, 2023 877 views

What level of education do I need to become a 5-star chef?

high school diploma or GED, but many seek formal culinary arts training and earn a certificate or a degree at a vocational college or private art institute. For example, the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) offers a certificate, associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree.

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Jun 29, 2023 424 views

How did you find CareerVillage?

As a professional, how did you find out about CareerVillage? I didn't realize there was a network like this that helps students with career advice until recently, so I was wondering how the professionals on this site found out about it.

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Jul 10, 2023 396 views

How hard is it to start your own business in the culinary industry?

I want to start my own catering business and eventually my own bakery.

Kyla’s Avatar
Kyla Jul 01, 2023 11771 views

What are the best questions to ask during a job interview?

What are the best questions to ask during a job interview? How do you keep yourself calm when you’re getting interviewed for a job? And how long should I expect to hear back from a company after a job interview?

sontee’s Avatar
sontee Jun 30, 2023 450 views

How do i go about for applying for a college scholarship, and which scholarship would suit me best?

i want to go to college but i might not be able to pay for it, i want to know what scholarships there are and how to get them.