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Dennis Sep 27 137 views

Should I do nursing or medical laboratory science?

Hiiii my name is Joy and I'm studying human physiology in Niger delta university, so I wanna do transfer, so I have two choices to make, nursing and medical laboratory science which do you think I should do, please I really need your advice In my free time, I Love reading and listening to...

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Sep 27 102 views

Would having transferrable credits from a community college be useful if I'm on the fence about going to a 4 year college?

I heard about college credits from community colleges that people can transfer over to a 4 year college to save money in the long run. I'm not really sure if I want to attend a 4 year college but would it be good to have transferrable credits just in case I make the decision to attend a 4 year...

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Kyliel Jan 26 786 views

Why am i here?

im 23 in high school what can I do to help myself

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Estrella Sep 16 81 views

why do we have to go to college?

I want to know why college is so imporent

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Kaliyah Aug 29 208 views

what are some good collegs ?

I'm a freshman n high school and I wanna know the best college's for family therapist and Teaching cause that's what I wanna do once I get out of high school.

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Sarai Aug 28 178 views

What are some advice for college?

steps for college, applications tips

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Lomewika Aug 02 154 views

What do I want to do in Life, and how am I going to succeed?

I'm going to 8th grade this year, I want to be a physician but, don't know how to get there.
What programs am I going to enroll in to get better experience? What type of scholarships I'm going apply for?

damien’s Avatar
damien Jul 31 155 views

what does a nurses day consist of?

What else in addition to maintain accurate detailed reports and records, as well as administer medications to patients as well as monitor them for side effects?

damien’s Avatar
damien Jul 31 154 views

What does it take to become a Registered Nurse ?

What kind of education/training would I need to become a Registered Nurse?

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Ava Jul 30 226 views

Is the medical field an interesting field to work in? Is it worth it?

For years, I have been set on a career path in the medical field. I have done research on different positions and even looked into the timing and effort it takes for them. It seems awfully stressful to work in any of those positions and it seems like you can not live a life outside of work. If...

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Mackenzie Jul 29 117 views

how to apply to nursing school?

I want to go to an out of state nursing program and im not sure if i can because im a sophmore in highschool

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amora Jul 25 155 views

what are good way to achieve your career and academic goals ?

for colleges and beyond

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Makayla Jul 25 216 views

What high paying jobs are available with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences?

I’m entering my freshman year at community college and debating whether or not I should change my general studies major to health sciences. I know I want to do something science related, but I also don’t want to limit myself.