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Chandler, Arizona
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I want to be a well-known pediatric that the children and the parents love



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Italy Mar 08 747 views

What are some career paths from psychology getting into law?

For reference, I am a upcoming psychology major thinking about getting into law, I'm really loving my government class and want to know any potential careers.

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Italy Nov 14, 2023 272 views

Am I still able to get a BSN even if I've already chosen a different major to get my bachelors degree in, or is it too late?

I've decided to aim to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner, but I chose psychology as my major and I am scared I cannot become a nurse because of this.

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Italy Nov 06, 2023 1676 views

What are some jobs I can get straight out of college with a psychology degree?

I want a good range of ideas, but I am lost.
Are there any jobs involving pediatrics?

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Italy Aug 15, 2023 1856 views

What does it mean to go to college before university? What is college for?

I plan to go to ASU but I'm advised to go to college first, but I always thought ASU was college?

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Italy Aug 02, 2023 327 views

What should be my plan for college since I plan on being a pediatric? Are there any majors, internships, clubs I should be taking into consideration to maximize the best of my abilities?

Also how many different types of pediatrics are there?