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Clayton May 13, 2016 3943 views

Mechanical engineering vs electrical engineering?

I plan to major in mechanical but I just want to know about electrical too, because I am thinking about double majorin .
#mechanical-engineer #electrical-engineer

dhanush’s Avatar
dhanush Jun 02, 2016 1890 views

How can I become a mechanical engineer?

i want to become a mechanical engineer.

#mechanical-engineering #engineering

Samuel ’s Avatar
Samuel Jul 18, 2016 1883 views

What are some good ways to get involved in STEM related volunteering?

I really teaching kids about technology and how things worked. I give a lot of credit to my mentors growing who showed me the ways of model rocketry and soldering. Are there some well known STEM volunteer groups out there? Do you think it would be alright to just volunteer on the weekends...

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Wooju Jul 08, 2016 978 views


This is a very weird question but I have friends in korea. And in korea, TOEIC is the test that everyone takes to see how good their English is. Getting a good score helps you get employed and things like that. So I want to take it once just to see how good I am. But I'm an American citizen. So...