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Bessie Sep 15 260 views

How would I start my career in design?

Share grade level if relevant.

Tantat’s Avatar
Tantat Sep 04 253 views

What is the best university for interior design in TEXAS?

I'm a 33 year-old-interior designer from Thailand. I am looking for a university where I can graduate and get a job.
I'm open to another stage of a university that provides a better choice for my career.

Thank you.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Sep 05 175 views

How many years would it take to major in architecture ?

How many years would it take to major in architecture ?

Lila’s Avatar
Lila Sep 13 159 views

What's it like to be in architect?

I am a highschooler and I'm not really sure what career I want to pursue. Architecture sounds interesting so I'm curious what the job is like, and what kind of skill are necessary to be an architect?

jaymie’s Avatar
jaymie Sep 16 107 views

How do I find a career that fits me when I want to be/try so many different things in life?

I like the creative side like art, animals, architecture, photography, writing, but I'm not sure what should be my main 'thing'

jalynn’s Avatar
jalynn Sep 16 246 views

How to be a forensic psychologist?

Hi, I'm Jalynn in 11th grade in high school, I was wondering how you became a forensic psychologist what are the steps I need to take now while I'm in school to get on this path, etc.

Quinn’s Avatar
Quinn Sep 16 209 views

What should I do after graduating high school?

I have no idea if I should go to college after I graduate high school. I have some college credits through dual enrollment, with one of them being an intro to engineering credit. I enjoy engineering and programming but I also love music and art. The biggest part of my decision right now is...

John’s Avatar
John Sep 16 123 views

If I am currently taking classes such as AP Euro, AP US Gov, AP Comp Gov, and Ap lit will these courses help my application if I want to go into criminal justice as a major in college?

I am currently a senior filling out college apps.