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Levi’s Avatar
Levi Sep 27, 2023 407 views

What should my ideal grades be?

What should I do, I would like to go into a medical field later in my life along with going into an ivy league school considering that my question is what should my ideal grades for middle and high school be.

Bryanna’s Avatar
Bryanna Oct 01, 2023 308 views

Is there a limit of how many Nation Society memberships I should accept?

I have received three membership offers from different National Society. The first two I'm already inducted in as National Honor Society and Nation Society of Leadership and Success. Should I also join the National Society of High School Scholars?

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Oct 10, 2023 1794 views

I was told chemical engineering is relatively niche among engineering disciplines, is this true?

I am a senior in high school but don't know which engineering discipline to go into. Chemical engineering used to be my top choice but I was told it is too niche. What options exist for employment and job prospects?

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Nov 20, 2023 563 views

What’s your career ?

I am in the 8th grade, I go to Caledonia Middle School I live in Columbus Mississippi. My favorite color is purple and I would like to be a lawyer or web developer.