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ritika Apr 08 613 views

how can i start up?

how can i start up

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Tina Mar 29 426 views

How do I gain more attention for my music?

I'm planning to become a music producer, and I would like to know some ways I can promote my music out there and potentially network with other artists.

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Alex Mar 28 482 views

How to self study music production ?

How to self study music production ? I don’t have money go to schools,classes or study courses i didn’t know music or go to school study about music before. to self study music production if i don’t have money and what i should study first 2. Where and what i can study first if i don’t...

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Sky Mar 13 590 views

How's the pay as an animator or artist? What majors should I take in college?

High school student.

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Ari Mar 20 541 views

How do you earn money while being in med school?

I am a senior in hs, and will be pursuing a biology bs/ pre med degree in college and after that want to get into a good med school, but since med school is quite expensive and I will certainly have to take student loans, how do i earn any good money in med school? For most other majors, you...

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Savion Mar 20 551 views

What is the best way to start a career?

In need of a job.