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Amanda Gifford Lockwood

Sr. Coordinating Producer/VP at ESPN
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Bristol, Connecticut
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Owen’s Avatar
Owen Apr 29 106 views

How difficult is it to find a job in Sports Broadcasting/Media in Massachusetts? What is the base pay??

I'm wondering how many people graduate with a degree in Sports Broadcasting/Media and end up not finding a job in the field.

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Apr 29 124 views

How do i get into journalism ?

I'm an eleventh grader,really passionate about broadcasting, journalism and even podcasting.I'm an active member of the journalism club in the school .

Padma’s Avatar
Padma Jun 12, 2023 371 views

What are some careers in journalism?

I'm interested in going into journalism, but am curious as to what paths I can explore in the field other than "news reporter" or "staff writer." What potential options are there? As well, what are some other aspects of journalism other than writing that I could think of going into (i.e. the...

Cole’s Avatar
Cole May 09, 2023 398 views

Best place to starts for a sports management/communications major ?

Going into college as a communications major next year but wanna specifically do sports communication

Gracie’s Avatar
Gracie Nov 10, 2022 556 views

Sports Broadcasting / Sports Media

What does the typical day of a sports broadcaster or someone in the sports media do?

madison’s Avatar
madison Oct 20, 2021 474 views

what type of broadcasting anchoring do you think lets you travel the most?

(media,news,etc...) #journalism #travel #broadcast-media

Chenaniah’s Avatar
Chenaniah Jan 16, 2018 822 views

In college, I plan to study sports broadcast journalism, how easy is it to get a job in that field whrn I graduate?

I love sports and I am pretty good about analyzing games and I know names of athletes in different sports pretty good. My dad is concerned that I am should widen my scope and not focus on that field alone. #sports-media #broadcast-media #sports #media #communications #journalism

Cailon’s Avatar
Cailon Aug 19, 2016 963 views

Did all of the sport analysts I see broadcasting games on television major in communication and broadcasting or are they doing the job because they are formal athletes?

I am asking this question because I am majoring in Communication Media and because I played college football. #communications #communication #broadcast-media #sports-media #broadcast-television

Cole’s Avatar
Cole May 21, 2016 800 views

What is the best way to expand your brand in the radio industry?

I'm going into my Sophomore year of college and have extensive work in the radio and journalism industry already. My website continues to grow along with my social media following, but the radio numbers have remained rather stagnant. I'm looking for a way to expand my brand in radio since that...

Amai’s Avatar
Amai Jan 24, 2018 1163 views

In the journalism field, what’s the best thing you can do to prepare to be a sports broadcaster?

I want to major in journalism and I want to become a sport broadcaster but I know you can’t just magically become one, there are steps. #journalism #sportsnews