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Morgan Apr 12, 2018 638 views

How do I use the privileges I've been given in life to improve the quality of other people's lives?

As a white middle class female, I have not gone through a lot of trauma or heartache in my life. I have a loving family who can provide for me, good friends that I trust and adore, and a future at a well respected university. I have decided to major in neuroscience so that I can help people by...

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hanna Apr 06, 2018 420 views

is wildlife photography right for me??

I've always loved taking pictures of anything outside. I have also always loved nature. I'm not sure about what i should do because my parents want me to go in the medical field but i don't think that is what i want to do. I want to be a wildlife photographer but i want to make them happy and...

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christopher Apr 09, 2018 973 views

When learning to be a computer engineer is it hard to learn how to code.

I always thought coding would be hard. #technology #computer-engineering

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Thomas Apr 04, 2018 815 views

What are the best coding languages to learn?

I am looking to be a CS major in college, and I am wondering what languages would be worth learning for optimal success.

#coding #software-development #computer-science #technology

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 26, 2016 955 views

How deep into math will I have to delve for a CS degree?

I'm ending military service and am thinking about a CS degree. I'm just worried that my sparse background in math will hinder my plans. Am I right to be worried? #computer-science #information-technology

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Alisha May 02, 2016 1723 views

Do you need to go to college to learn Computer vs. THE INTERNET ?!

Studying at college is a pricey affair in comparison with the Internet which offers vast amounts of information and free college courses that teach you the same thing, if not more. So why college ? #college #computer-science #finance #online-learning #mooc #the-internet

Makaila’s Avatar
Makaila Mar 26, 2018 705 views

What is the most effective way to manage time efficiently?

Time management is one of my biggest struggles. I procrastinate more often than i should. I do my best work at the last minute, but when i wait too long i stress out.
#Procrastinate #time-management

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Mar 27, 2018 537 views

How important is it to have a computer with you in college?

I want to make sure I have all the things I really need to succeed in a college classroom. #college-bound

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Jesel Mar 27, 2018 784 views

What is the most effective way to network with people?

I am currently struggling with being more social since I am more of an introverted person. However, I am challenging myself to be more open to other people and try to be nicer because sometimes I can come off as angry or pessimistic which is what I am not trying to do with people....