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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Within 40 mile radius
Miley’s Avatar
Miley Nov 15 81 views

How did you get interested in your current field of work?

How did you get interested in your current field of work?

Tyrone’s Avatar
Tyrone Oct 04 316 views

How can I be an accountant if I’m not good at math?

I struggle in algebra but I still want to consider being an accountant.

Nathaly’s Avatar
Nathaly Sep 15 119 views

Keeping organized

How do I keep my homework more organized, I struggle to keep everything in order and want to be more organized

Jarvis’s Avatar
Jarvis Sep 11 135 views

What kind of degree is needed to be a weatherman on TV?

I am interested in meteorology and doing this for the news.

shaun’s Avatar
shaun Sep 03 181 views

What do you suggest I study to get better at business?

How do I manage a business for the future? What are the most important things to remember when starting a business? How long did it take to start your own(or how long would it take me)? Why are some things more important to remember then others when starting a business? I’m still young, but...

Willa’s Avatar
Willa Aug 03 135 views

Are private universities worth the extra money?

Specially talking about Christian private colleges

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Aug 02 104 views

I want to be a vet tech ?

I want to be a vet tech what is the best way to get information about this situation

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Jul 20 146 views

What is the best way to get meaningful coding experience to help land my first job?

I’m currently pursuing an Associate’s degree in Computer Science- Emphasis on Computer Programming.

Ainsley’s Avatar
Ainsley Jul 18 99 views

How do i know what the best choice of job is for me?

what do i do?

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Jul 16 204 views

How important is college?

I’m going to be in school for a while and I don’t like the thought of having to go study for another 4 years. Are there jobs that don’t require college degrees but can also pay a decent amount?

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Jul 15 163 views

What job in the medical field pays the most?

I want a job that pays a lot but also doesnt take that much time to study for. If it does what would be the easiest

Nikita’s Avatar
Nikita Jun 13 155 views

When applying to colleges, is it hard to get accepted?

I need to apply to 10 colleges which is my private schools requirement and I’m scared im not gonna get accepted to any

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Amorette Jun 01 122 views

What should I pick a lawyer or actress?

What should I pick a lawyer or actress? I really like both of these jobs and I know both of them take hard work, so much money, and take judgement from others.

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail May 12 68 views

How do you apply efficiently to colleges??

Involving time, admission fees, we'll written essays about yourself. What do include in your essay and your applications. What do college admissions want to see?

John’s Avatar
John Mar 23 283 views

Is what you do meaningful to you?

I am 22 and looking forward to getting my welding certification up to G6. One day I want to go underwater as an underwater welder because it is one of the most lucrative trades on the market. Is there anybody here that can give me some advice on what to do after I complete my Jobcorps training?...

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