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Jennifer R. Jan 16, 2018 337 views

How, through my future career, can I inspire young kids to make a difference in their community?

I want to make a lasting impact on the people I work with, and I want the children I see to be inspired to work hard and positively impact the people around them. What are some ways I can help kids achieve this? #positivity #inspiration #medicine #children #working-with-children...


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Kendyll C. Jul 18, 2018 519 views

If I am not sure what I want to do yet for a career, what should I do my first few years of college?

Is it okay to go to a four year private university if I don't know what I want to do yet? And what classes do I take in order to help me figure that out? #career-paths #career...


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Riley S. Aug 16, 2018 123 views
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Meghan H. Oct 03, 2019 115 views

What social work field is in highest demand?

I am currently a social work major at Grand Valley State University, and I am wanting to know what fields are in need of social workers....


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Erin W. Nov 14, 2019 103 views
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Adan H. Mar 09 152 views