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Christopher C. Jan 13, 2015 905 views

Video Game Career

I ask this Questions becoz I wish to be a video game designer.I just have this passion for VIDEO GAMES and I wanna join UNREAL technology or s.o.e. or Nether Realms I like games mostly superhero games and so I wanna create more games like this #video-games...


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Shubham B. Jan 24, 2015 1872 views

I want to work in EA Games as a game developer engineer so what should I do next

I am a student of computer science and engineering(bachelor's degree ), computer is my passion and gaming is my hobby, I am good in c,c++ and Java language also I have experience in developing computer desktop app and android app for college projects #animation #game-design #game-development...


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Shaun N. Apr 09, 2015 1254 views

I want to go in to the field of game development and programming?

I am interested in programming and already do practice it. I am on school's robotics team and use a programming called robot c which is based on C programming. what steps do i need to take to do go in this field. #computer...