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La Grange, IL
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Renee L. May 25, 2016 642 views

Is human resources as bad as everyone says it is?

I am studying for a bachelor's in human resources and accounting. I love accounting, and am curious if that will be enough to make my future career enjoyable. #management #accounting #human...


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Benjamin B. May 15, 2018 279 views

Is it possible to run a business while in college?

Money is definitely a concern when attending college, but so is time. Is it possible for me to start a business/company while pursuing a degree in business administration at college, or should I wait until after graduation to have more time and less stress? #business #entrepreneurship #college...


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Daikeem B. Feb 25, 2019 87 views
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Kady S. Mar 15, 2019 100 views
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Arturo P. Jul 12, 2019 68 views
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Jennifer H. Jul 22, 2019 154 views

Why did you decide to choose this job/line of work?

#medicine #human-resources #doctor #career-path Admin note - The CV Staff made edits to the question for clarity. Original question - "why you'll take this...

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Omar G. Aug 06, 2019 103 views
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arturo A. Aug 16, 2019 77 views

Is there someone els to talk to about this career?

I am Arturo, from El Paso,TX I want to become a HVAC tech in GMS . I want to talk top someone experienced. #business...


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Stephanie A. Aug 19, 2019 148 views

What is you work ethic like?

My work ethic is very organized, hard worker, and I love to being on time. But most importantly I personally believe if you’re passionate about your job then your work ethic will be fantastic. #work...