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Robert Plog

Technical Sales Manager
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Austin, Texas
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Ben Feb 09, 2017 2826 views

How do I get good at cold calling?

I am a student at San Jose State. I just recently started on the advertising staff of our newspaper the Spartan Daily. My job is to cold call local businesses and have them place ads in the paper. I am comfortable talking on the phone so that is not a problem. However, I would love to learn...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jun 06, 2019 730 views

I was thinking about skipping Band in High School and coming back to band when go to college. Would there be any way for me to find the same type of curricular band experience I would in high school but somewhere else?

#band #college

savannah’s Avatar
savannah Sep 10, 2019 778 views

I need help deciding a career so I can start applying to the right colleges.

I have always been very intelligent, as well as open to new ideas and information. My grades have always been very well. I have many things about me that send me into many different careers, I feel i'm running out of time. I see myself in the medical field, but also in so many others. #college...

Ayomide ’s Avatar
Ayomide Mar 14, 2017 1481 views

How do you keep your career from becoming monotonous and repetitive?

Accounting student at Towson university #accounting #financial-accounting

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Ave Sep 16, 2019 502 views

Is having a job super stressful

I like to learn work and be creative #art #job #fine-art #psychology

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Jan 22, 2018 983 views

How do you choose between a career path that you love, and a career path that you feel is important.

I am a junior in high school, and I'm not sure if i want to pursue a career in art, or in environmental conservation. Art is something I've always been good at and enjoy, but I'm also interested in nature and love the outdoors. Environmental careers seem like they're more important to me, but...

Leonard’s Avatar
Leonard Mar 18, 2018 636 views

Is it better to live on, or off campus for college? (No matter what year)

I know to have a dorm on campus would cost significantly more for tuition opposed to not living on campus. I know that there's pros and cons for both, that's why I'm asking. #college-bound, #dorms