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Emmi Bane

Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Portland, Oregon
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jason’s Avatar
jason Jun 12, 2019 713 views

what made you want the job you have?

did you just look at the wage or did you just want that job for another reasons #college

Ray’s Avatar
Ray Dec 12, 2019 2020 views

Do psychology majors need to take any other math classes besides statistics in college?

#psychology #math #major

noel’s Avatar
noel Apr 25, 2019 475 views

What classes should I be enrolling into in order to prepare myself to become a doctor?

I want to go into pediatrics or OBYGYN #doctor #medicine

Tyclasia’s Avatar
Tyclasia Mar 12, 2019 816 views

Did you ever feel like quiting when situations became too much?

#medicine #any #career

Chiara’s Avatar
Chiara May 02, 2019 701 views

Suggestions for job hunting in SF with no industry experience

My name is Chiara and I'm a biomedical engineer from Italy. I've done a double master degree program with my university in Italy and UIC in Chicago. Now, I'm on OPT (Optical Practical Training) working permission and I moved to San Francisco looking for great opportunities to start with. I do...

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jan 12, 2018 515 views

I really want to study Anthropology in college, but I'm scared there aren't any careers that degree fits with that I would actually enjoy. How flexible is an Anthropology degree and would I have many job options with that degree?

I'm asking because I don't know what to major in. #degree #anthropology

Mundo’s Avatar
Mundo Mar 06, 2019 417 views

Technology is evolving and how can those who don't have technology progres with us.?

What can be done to help all citizens progress with technology? #tech

Eldon’s Avatar
Eldon Mar 09, 2019 761 views

What career paths are there in the tech industry?

The tech industry is ever going day by day. What are the different possible career paths one can follow? #tech