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Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Jun 07, 2022 599 views

What are some hard-ships you encountered out the gate of job corps in computer tech?

I need some expectations on what challenges I might face after Job Corps.

Jack’s Avatar
Jack May 22, 2022 845 views

Computer Science/Programming Languages

Do you think that it's worth going to college to get a Computer Science Major/Programming Experience? I heard that coding boot camps do the same, but for less than the tuition that colleges charge you. What are your opinions on learning programming/computer science on websites like this...

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Dec 10, 2019 1255 views

From an adult POV, is it better to work for money or for interest?

#money #career

Tyra’s Avatar
Tyra Feb 08, 2017 927 views

What type of skills are in a computer programmer?

My career is to be a computer programmer #facebook #personal-development

Agustin’s Avatar
Agustin Jan 16, 2018 939 views

What can be a good resume builder for a programmer?

Many programmers can all write in different languages, so what is something that could be added to a resume to make one stand out more? #programming

Gillian’s Avatar
Gillian May 09, 2019 1025 views

How to prepare for an internship?

I’m in progress of a computer science bachelor degree. However, I’ve only had two coding classes: an introductory class using Visual Basic, and C++. I do not feel that I have learned much and would like to be more qualified for future internships. How may I further increase my knowledge outside...

somkid’s Avatar
somkid Sep 01, 2017 1488 views

What is class should I take if I want to major in computer programming?