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Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
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Anjali Feb 04, 2020 976 views

How to stay healthy while abroad?

While in the states I was able to work out for free at my University's Gym. Unfortunately, there is no free gym where I am studying abroad. Should I dish out the money for a gym? Take up running? Pay for individual yoga classes? Thoughts?

#study-abroad #gym #health #college #travel #madrid #help

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julianna Jun 12, 2019 1778 views

any advice for women going into a male dominated field of work?

#work #women #professional

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Gina Feb 14, 2020 1074 views

why did you leave your last job?

#career #job-application #job

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Minu Feb 17, 2020 661 views

How is the experience as an obgyn doctor

I'm planning to take up obgyn as my pg specialty this year.. I am confused between obgyn and dermatology. I wish to know how hard is the life of an obgyn.. Whether all the stress and hardworking is rewarding or disappointing #medicine #doctor #healthcare #medical

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Ella Jan 26, 2020 910 views

What are some career or leadership experiences that will help me choose my career

I'm currently interested in business and the STEM world, though I still enjoy playing sports and instrumental music. I would really appreciate any opportunities (online or in-person)!
#careerchoice #highschool #STEM #business #career #opportunities #internship #volunteering