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suki Jun 13, 2020 1049 views

How to read a book effectively if you don’t know the language well?

Hi! I have learned English for about 10years but still can’t manage myself to read a English book faster and effectively. Can someone tell me how you build up your vocabulary enough to read a book effectively. #books #english #language

Roland’s Avatar
Roland Jun 19, 2020 620 views

How do IT security people deal with cyber criminals ?


Ana’s Avatar
Ana Jun 19, 2020 934 views

How do you deal with failure in a job?


Hailin’s Avatar
Hailin Apr 20, 2020 1076 views

What can you do with both a statistics(or applied math) degree and an economics degree?

I am interested in statistics, applied math, and economics, but don't know people who had double-majored in these areas. Just wondering what your working experience is like before and after graduation. How is your day like and what is the best part of your job? Much thanks! #math #career...

Harry’s Avatar
Harry Apr 22, 2020 585 views

Aside from working towards medical school and law school, what are essential life skills I need to pick up during and before college?

I'm in high school hoping to go into either a health or law profession after college. I am currently undecided about which university I want to go to and what my major will be. #college #medicine

Ahmad’s Avatar
Ahmad Apr 24, 2020 1231 views

How to be a better student

#studying-tips #school #higher-education

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Apr 23, 2020 664 views

What's it like being a lawyer?

I'm really trying to discern whether this is something I actually would like to do. I'd like to know more about what the job actually entails (any type of lawyer), if the payoff is worth all the schooling (and debt), and if there are good job opportunities out there. #lawyer #criminal-justice...

Claudia’s Avatar
Claudia Apr 22, 2020 908 views

What career options are out there for me?

I am currently studying a degree in economics, and it seems the only options for placement years, internships, or graduate jobs are accounting or investment banking. I find my strengths do not lie with accounting and I am good at macroeconomics, specifically development economics and i am quite...