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Eric J. Jun 29, 2016 965 views

Are technical certificates worth pursuing?

I am a college student studying information technology, and I am wondering whether it would be to my advantage to pursue technical certificates in conjunction to my degree. Does having certificates such as A+ and Security+ give a leg up to those pursuing a career in the information technology...

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Brandon H. Feb 09, 2017 346 views

What prerequisites are there for basic IT office administrators?

I am wondering about what knowledge and certifications are required to become, say, an office administrator or a basic help-desk technician. I already know about the Comptia 220-901 and 902 (A+) certification and am persistently studying to acquire it, but I need to know what else there is...

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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 256 views
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Sohaib A. Mar 18, 2018 316 views

Does NHS matter?

At my school, there are a bunch of kids who are in NHS, and they are always praised for their service. When I look at the members, there are some really smart kids in there, but most of them are average students. So my question is, does NHS matter? #nhs #nationalhonorsociety #resume #honors...


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Emily V. May 11, 2018 247 views

How do you make your resume more enticing if you don''t have a lot of experience in the field?

I'm a public relations student and I have no experience in the field of PR. How can I make my resume more attractive to hiring managers without the experience? #publicrelations #resume...


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charlotte H. Mar 07 148 views

Most Important Part to an Internship Application

I realize not all industries or jobs are alike, but I think it'd be worthwhile to ask. When applying to a summer internship and including my resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation- which of these 3 do you find to be the most valuable/important? #internship #resume #job...


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Ryan S. May 11 102 views