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Bedford, Indiana

Within 40 mile radius
Kobi’s Avatar
Kobi Oct 06, 2020 560 views

How do I know if I should aim at being a physical therapist or if I should try for med school?

#school #medschool #isPTenoughforme

Jesica’s Avatar
Jesica Jun 26, 2019 447 views

what are the basic things i need to learn in heavy machinery operator


Jesica’s Avatar
Jesica Jun 26, 2019 512 views

what is a normal day for heavy machinery operator


Aleksandar’s Avatar
Aleksandar Mar 15, 2019 770 views

I want to become a lobbyist, tips?

My first well-paying job was at a machine shop which specializes in turbines and pumps. So, naturally, I fell in love with the manufacturing industry; however, I have always had interest in government. I thought how I could connect my two interests and a career in the environmental seemed like...

Mattie’s Avatar
Mattie Oct 02, 2018 567 views

Are careers in chemistry always interesting?

#chemistry I really enjoy learning chemistry, but I'm afraid it will get boring.

Mattie’s Avatar
Mattie Oct 02, 2018 855 views

Is it easy to have a career in forensics and build a stable family?

My mom was a teacher and always had summers off so it is important that my future kids be able to spend time with me. #forensics

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Sep 04, 2018 560 views

Should I still go to college, even though I don't know what to do yet?

#college #dontknowwhattodoyet.

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Aug 29, 2018 438 views

I highlight too much, how can I decide what info is worth highlighting and what isn’t?

I often use up all of the ink in my highlighters because I highlight everything in my notes and textbooks. What can I do to decide what I should be highlighting and underlining? #highlight

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Aug 29, 2018 497 views

How can I better retain information from my textbooks when I’m assigned at-home readings?

When assigned at-home readings, I often forget most of what I read by the time I have my next class. #textbook

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Aug 26, 2018 682 views

What's the best site for scholarships?

I'm a high school Senior and I need as many scholarships as I can because we are in need of financial aid but we are not U.S. Permanent residents yet, so we need as much help as we can. #VISA #U.S. #high school #help #high-school-students #financialaid

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Aug 26, 2018 944 views

What steps should I take now (as a Senior) to go into Vet-School?

I'm a high school senior and I want to go into Veterinary School. #purdue #high-school #experience #veterinarian#animals

Elisabeth’s Avatar
Elisabeth Aug 24, 2018 625 views

What is the best way to get hired onto a job after having an internship?

I will have internships through my program, and would like advice about how I can try to secure a job offer afterwards! #internship #jobs

Elisabeth’s Avatar
Elisabeth Aug 24, 2018 554 views

What's the best online resource for scholarships?

#scholarships #financial-planning

Elisabeth’s Avatar
Elisabeth Aug 24, 2018 717 views

How do you learn to read faster while still comprehending the information?

I have a very heavy reading workload, on top of a busy work and school schedule. How do I get it done faster without compromising my learning? #reading #student

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Aug 11, 2018 537 views

What is the hardest thing about being a teacher?

#teacher #career

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