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Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Nov 05, 2020 592 views

What main skills would I need to be an engineer?

I'm Joseph and I'm good at math. And I'm gonna be an engineer but I'm wondering if there is other skills I would need to be an engineer. #tech #engineering

Kyren’s Avatar
Kyren Nov 05, 2020 463 views

I would greatly appreciate if I can learn more about getting into business and investing

I'm the type of person who is too nice to others and will try to help out, sometimes they don't need it or i do too much but that's because I wanna do it out of my own free will. #business #career #therapy

Terence’s Avatar
Terence Nov 03, 2020 330 views

Why this career?

I want to join the army.#army And Want to be a doctor #career

Kalisha’s Avatar
Kalisha Nov 05, 2020 283 views

How many babies do they get in a day?

How many babies do they get in a day? How many babies do they get in a week? How many babies do they get in a month? #MidWife

Denaye’s Avatar
Denaye Nov 05, 2020 259 views

What's your favorite thing about your 8th hour class mates?

I want to become a nurse but I'm too scared of needles, my aunt is a nurse and while taking class they will have to show you how to put a needle in on your arm. #nurse #needles

Anicia’s Avatar
Anicia Nov 05, 2020 541 views

is it ok to not know what to do after high school?

#high-school #high-school-students #career

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Nov 05, 2020 345 views

is it possible for me to become a dermatoligist

i am interested in this topic because i see myself in this career .right now Imin the 9th grade. my skills and interests that relate are i have steady hands, patient, love meeting new people, and especially changing their lives in a good way. when i get answer to this question, ill listen to it...

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian Nov 05, 2020 446 views

I'm interested in computers. How can i get more information about the people in the community?

I would like to get to know how/what people do in the industry. How they make the hardware. I would like to get more information about this topic and other related topics. #technology #tech #computers

Jordyn’s Avatar
Jordyn Nov 05, 2020 378 views

What do you need to go into stocks?

I want to be an entrepreneur, go into investing, and into stocks, and then eventually start living life the way I want.
#entrepreneur #YOLO #investing #stocks

Kailey’s Avatar
Kailey Nov 03, 2020 273 views

How long does college take for some students.

I'm funny, nice, I think about others and I get a lot of insperations from a lot of things. #school

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Nov 05, 2020 227 views

What careers are available is sound recording technology?

I am a High School senior and I spoke with a woman at a concert who was doing the sound and the recording for the group performing. She said she had a college degree in sound engineering. I love music and the arts and I wanted to know what careers were available to me with a sound engineering...

Taimane’s Avatar
Taimane Nov 03, 2020 273 views

How long do you have to be in college to be a doctor?

I love to draw pictures and I love watching scary movies. #childcare

Araeliah’s Avatar
Araeliah Nov 04, 2020 380 views

I'm in the 11th grade and I have many dreams and careers I want too pursue, what are some helpful next steps I should consider based on my interests and desires?

I am in the 11th grade and I participate in athletics all year around. I play soccer, basketball, and I run track. I do want too pursue a career in athletics in any of the sports I play , or hopes of getting a scholarship in any soccer, basketball, or track, or go too college and become a...

Oliverio’s Avatar
Oliverio Nov 05, 2020 917 views

What do electrical engineers do?

I'm 15 years old. I'm not so creative and I'm not to good being social. I like the outdoors. I don't see myself as smart, but a lot of people think I am.
#Engineer #Electrical Engineer

Damian’s Avatar
Damian Nov 05, 2020 320 views

What major is most useful and needed to become a financial analyst?

I want to be a financial analyst because I like managing and saving money. I am good at math and am good with numbers. #money #money-management

Adriel’s Avatar
Adriel Nov 05, 2020 386 views

i am in the 12th grade and i am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps i should consider based on my passions and interests

At school, i am most interested in engineering, chemistry, and biology, while my hobbies include mechanics, gaming, and sports. A topic i am passionate about is electronics. What are some career options that best align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps i can do in the...

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Nov 05, 2020 477 views

how do I narrow down my choices on what I want to do for a career?

I'm a Sophomore in high school, and I like learning how movies are made. But I'm also interested in engineering. I'm unsure on how to decide on which one I actually want for a long term goal. #engineering #movieacting

Eliza’s Avatar
Eliza Nov 05, 2020 229 views

What jobs are available with a culinary arts degree?

I'm a Highschool student who is wanting to own my own shop when I get older or become a chef because I love to cook but I also want to know what kind of other jobs that are also involved in cooking so I can have options #cooking-and-baking

Jaydien’s Avatar
Jaydien Nov 05, 2020 302 views

How can I and what I need to make my own game or a tv show animation

I can be creative about some of my stories and the advice is I actually want them to become real. Also want some help to make them real so, I want to make my own animation show and be a game designer for a company or myself
#game #anime

Caitlynn’s Avatar
Caitlynn Nov 05, 2020 386 views

If I happen to be interested in arts, What are some good career choices and steps I should consider?

I am in the 9th grade barely exploring my many career choices, and I happen to be interested in arts of drawing or artist of that kind. I do question how would I be able to find a similar career to the interest I have. #career #career-choice #career-path #arts

Ariana’s Avatar
Ariana Nov 05, 2020 234 views

What can I do to become a forensic technician?

I am interested in becoming a forensic technician. I want to know what is the best schools or programs on what I want to do. #forensics

Kira’s Avatar
Kira Nov 05, 2020 355 views

I just started to think about it

I'm a 10th grader in high school and I don't know what I want to do for a job. #job #high-school Some of my interest include working out, playing games, and cooking.

Frankie’s Avatar
Frankie Nov 05, 2020 352 views

What kind of Field of work would i do better in?

I'm a senior, I have taken three construction classes along side with two classes of auto mechanics I excelled in both. To me personally I'm more of a hands on worker and would like to see the possible outline of jobs that I could be interested in going in to. #construction

raydamien’s Avatar
raydamien Nov 03, 2020 293 views

How long do you have to be in college?

Do you have to take school for 2 years or 4 years or does it depends on what you are doing? #school #high-school-classes

Kolian’s Avatar
Kolian Nov 05, 2020 359 views

What kind of job can you get in trades right after you graduate high school?

I want to get a job in anything in trades because school really isn't my thing. Any trade jobs you can get into after you graduate high school. #job-search #high-school-jobs #physical #Trades

shelbee’s Avatar
shelbee Nov 05, 2020 285 views

what is the best way to apply to a collage

I'm 17, and I'm a senior graduating this year, I love art #arts #collage-applicant

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Nov 05, 2020 386 views

How do I know what to be when I grow up?

I'm having trouble on what to be and its kind of bothering me a lot and I honestly have no clue anymore. #careerchoice #people #career-choice #jobs #job

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Nov 05, 2020 304 views

What does a US army soldier do on a daily basis??

I like to shoot firearms. I like to clean firearms and keep them clean. I also like to be in a high pace enviroments. And like to be in high preasure places. #Army #Marines #professional

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 03, 2020 341 views

I'm in the 12th grade and I'm beginning to explore my future career.

I'm interested in volleyball, ocean life, environment life, and criminal justice. #life #career #jobs #ocean #sports

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Nov 05, 2020 272 views

What is an aspect that could be most challenging for Nurses?

I'm a Senior in Highschool and I would like to know the position of becoming a nurse later in my life. I'm a loyal, trust-worthy, and caring person. Curious of what the roles and responsibilities of my future what would look like. #nursing #jobs

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