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Raleigh, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney May 16, 2016 677 views

When considering a nursing program (and anticipating a move in the next two years) should I wait to begin nursing school until I know which state we will be relocating to?

Husband is Army and should be getting orders in the next two years. #nurse #military

Shane’s Avatar
Shane May 13, 2016 890 views

I will most likely have to take out student loans. Is it hard to get approved without credit or much work history?

I will need extra funds for housing. The college I plan on going to does not have dorms. #housing #student-housing

Keara’s Avatar
Keara May 13, 2016 1409 views

How do you get involved in ROTC at your college?

Hi! I'm asking this question because I've recently been informed that my parents are not supporting me financially in college. I've done some research and found that ROTC programs in college can help pay for tuition. It's something I would love to do, but the deadline for this year has already...

Keara’s Avatar
Keara May 13, 2016 1227 views

How do you afford college alone at 18?

Hi! I'm asking this question because I've recently heard from my parents that they will not be supporting me financially in college. Now, as an 18 year old who makes roughly $3000 a year coaching gymnastics, I ask, how do I afford college? FAFSA has only loaned me a small amount of money and...

Britanie’s Avatar
Britanie May 12, 2016 973 views

How important is it to build up volunteer hours before attending graduate school with a focus on Physical Therapy and what are some other things I should consider completing before attending?

I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in exercise-science but my long term goal is Physical Therapy. I have volunteered at my local hospital for 3 years and enjoyed my time there but I am wondering how important these hours will be once I start to apply to graduate schools. #college...

Britanie’s Avatar
Britanie May 12, 2016 3323 views

What are some study skills or daily habits that really helped you stay organized in college or a busy work life?

I am planning to attend college in a few months. I currently balance my work, school, and social life pretty well but I understand college life will be very different. I would like to know some helpful study and organizational tips people may have developed over time in order to work as...

Joel’s Avatar
Joel May 09, 2016 1068 views

Best way to get cover college tuition?

Well, I've fallen behind in getting financial support for college and I've been excepted!! Yaaaay! Well, my family and I don't have deep pockets, so what's are your recommendations! #community

Joel’s Avatar
Joel May 09, 2016 1135 views

Is the career field for computer engineering still growing?

Growing up, I've fallen in love with electronics, including building, modding and programming on computers. I really want to go into designing and building each component from the ground up. What career sub field would this be considered and what the likely hood that I would get a job in it?...

Omkar’s Avatar
Omkar Mar 10, 2016 1474 views

Hi, I am in 9th grade right, now, and I would like to go into the field of robotic medicine. What should I do as a high school freshman to prepeare for the career?

I want to go into this field because I see a really bright future for it, I want medical service to be more efficient, and I am really passionate about robotics. I took a Engineering course this year last semester, and I am currently on my school's robotic team and I am really active ( I...

Ezra’s Avatar
Ezra Mar 07, 2015 1453 views

What's the best job that can pay off college?

I am just wondering because I am 6 grader.
I would like to pay of college with no loans.
I would like when I am 14 teen to get a workers permit.
That's only 2 years away.
I don't care if I work at a nursing home.
Just till I'm 16 and able to deliver pizza. #college #employment #work-life-balance

Ezra’s Avatar
Ezra Mar 07, 2015 1202 views

how much does a lawyer need to change prices

I'm a 6 grader.
I was thinking 150 for all meetings with my Clint.
Every court date 950
Then 5 years later put it up to 200 all meetings with my Clint.
1000 per court date.
then 225 dollars for all vists with my Clint.
1250 per court date.

Ezra’s Avatar
Ezra Mar 07, 2015 1286 views

How much does it cost to start up a lawyers office?

I am just a 6 grader and I am just wondering if I could still get the best area and still my first year.
I was thinking about 150 dollars to see people. Every court date is $950


Ezra’s Avatar
Ezra Mar 06, 2015 1079 views

Would you make more money at Walmart or delivery?

I just wonder because I know minimum wage is 7.25.

Lizbeth’s Avatar
Lizbeth Jan 23, 2015 1062 views


Need some advises and some ideas about how pediatric work & how they build up to there average of skills. #pediatrics #pediatrician

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