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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Within 40 mile radius
reshinth’s Avatar
reshinth Sep 26, 2022 162 views

after 12th what we can do how we can choose?

how I can choose my career and will be best

R’s Avatar
R Jul 21, 2021 486 views

Hi I want to become a dietician. Would you let me know which all colleges in Trivandrum offers me a suitable course connected with food.

I plan to take a bsc course related to food/nutrition/dietetics in Trivandrum #food and #nutrition #dietician #bsc #under-graduate #science

Achyuthan’s Avatar
Achyuthan May 20, 2021 344 views

What are the job opportunity after finishing BA llb other than being an advocate?

#jobs #job-search

Gargi’s Avatar
Gargi Mar 25, 2021 298 views

I wish to do a ba llb(5years) . I need ba in criminology .Is that possible?? Can we choose in which subject we need ba??

Now i m going to finish my highersecondary education in social science(humanities) #social-science

Arjun’s Avatar
Arjun Mar 17, 2021 332 views

I need to be a pilot. I am in 7th grade. What can be the preparations can be done right now?

Hi, I am Arjun. I am always trying to be a pilot. Can you advice me how to go further? How much flying hours need to be a first officer? Any answers could be appreciated #career #pilot

akhilesh’s Avatar
akhilesh Feb 20, 2020 568 views

differece in job opportunities betweeen aerospace and aircraft maintenance engineering

#aerospace-engineering #engineer #engineering #aircraft #aerospace

Prabha’s Avatar
Prabha Dec 25, 2017 627 views

I am an Indian student. What are the best aviation schools abroad to study aviation maintenance to get a B1 license ?

I want to become a AME technicain . #technology #aviation #aviation-and-aerospace

Loordhu ’s Avatar
Loordhu Apr 13, 2017 812 views

How to become a doctor

I am Loordhu Jeyakumar from Tenkasi
I done 11 standard but I can't continue my studies because family situation so now I want to become a doctor so anyone one can help find that way #someone

Hari Prasad’s Avatar
Hari Prasad Aug 30, 2014 1010 views

What's your career question?

Searching for a career topic... Need a best topic in automation field for my final year main project. I am a pre final year student i have lots and lots minutes and hours help me profs. . .

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