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Christian S. May 04, 2019 100 views

Do colleges take rigor into account when giving Merit/Academic Scholarships?

For Merit/Academic Scholarships, is it better to get an A in a normal class, or a B in an Honors/AP/College class? #college #scholarship #college-advice #financial-aid #money #student #ap #academic #merit #honors #act #sat #career...


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Elizabeth G. Nov 06, 2018 231 views

I took two SAT subject tests and I'm wondering if I should send those scores to colleges that don't require them?

I got a 720 on Math 2 and 690 on Biology. Some of my schools have the option of submitting these scores. Do you think submitting them will help or hurt my application? #sat #college-admissions...


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Calista C. Oct 31, 2018 192 views

Why are college acceptance rates so low?

Acceptance rates to “elite” colleges and universities are extremely low and continue to drop each year. So I am wondering if these colleges and universities are very hard to get into because they admission standards have changed and continue to change of if there are just more applicants each...

#sat #gpa #ivyleague #collegeadmissions #acceptancerates

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Kylee R. Oct 30, 2018 186 views

How do you find out what scores a school really wants for the SAT and ACT?

I've been told that some schools only require one test or the other, but how do you find what a specific school wants and the minimum score requirements? #sat #college #act...


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Darlie C. Oct 24, 2018 198 views

What are some things that I should study for SAT in order to increase my score by 250 points

My sat grade the first time wasn’t that I’m trying to bring it up to at least a 1100 any pointers #college-admissions #testing...


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Vanessa R. Sep 21, 2018 140 views

What’s a good sat score?

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Jenna M. Aug 30, 2018 161 views
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Gina A. Aug 28, 2018 152 views

What is a good SAT and/or ACT?

I have taken the SAT twice now and I'm about to take the ACT, but what is a good score for both? Is there at least a good score to get? #sat #act #help #school...


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Natalie R. Aug 27, 2018 181 views

When should I start taking the SAT/ACT?

Do I need to take the SAT/ACT before 12th grade other than for scholarships/summer programs/etc? #college...


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Richard P. Aug 23, 2018 161 views

Is there a way to take the SAT if I skipped it in school?

So my high school life wasn't the best academically so I skipped as many not needed days as possible, one of them being the SAT day. Last year when I was looking for scholarships I noticed about half of the scholarships wanted an SAT score. Since I didn't take it I don't have a score to give...


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edward W. Aug 18, 2018 118 views

do you have to take a sat to get into college

just not sure...


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Carolyn S. Aug 16, 2018 138 views

What should be my goal score for the ACT and SAT?

Test score expectations?? #testing #act #sat...