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ferran Apr 02 421 views

how to be an active listener?

listen carefuly

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Mar 28 563 views

How do I start acting? M/18 Years/ 6’5

How could I start my career as a actor at 18 with no prior experience? I really want to give acting a shot but I don’t really know what to do!

ABBY’s Avatar
ABBY Aug 28, 2023 251 views

What should I do to reach my dreams to become a full voice actor?

What should I start with to be a voice actor despite being deaf? How should I figure out how to improve voice changing, specifically male voices so I can try out male characters too? When is it best to move on to audition for cartoons and movies after I start with YouTube? It's hard for me...

K.B. Wellington’s Avatar
K.B. Wellington Mar 12, 2018 780 views

What is the best way to jump start an acting career?

I want to know this because my dream job is to become a Hollywood actor. I know that this is a competitive field, but I am up for the challenge because I know I am a good actor, and I want to make money off of it. I want to start as soon as possible, and if I could get some help on how to start...

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Sep 25, 2017 1108 views

Any advice about following your dreams in the entertainment industry?

I'm in need for some advice. Ever since I was little, i knew I wanted to make music and movies. I've been playing the piano since I was 5, and the guitar since I was 8. I've been creating home movies since I was really young. Movies and music are my greatest passions. They make me who I am....

Terrence’s Avatar
Terrence Aug 03, 2015 1579 views

How do you become famous?

I would love to become like Christina Aguilera or P!nk. In this context, what is the best way to achieve this dream? #entertainment #singing #famous #celebrity #fame #christina-aguilera #perform

Brendan’s Avatar
Brendan Sep 03, 2015 14599 views

How successful are actors and how likely is it for you to become a good/famous actor?

I am a junior and I want to get into acting but im not sure how successful they are and how likely it is for someone to get high in the acting career like a good actor. Also im not completely sure on how they get paid