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jayaprasad yadav’s Avatar
jayaprasad yadav May 09, 2016 1999 views

How do I become a good teacher?

I want to became a teacher #teaching #teacher #education #teach #teachers

Kailey’s Avatar
Kailey Feb 21, 2019 1088 views

Why do some kids act bad in school

Sometimes when I am in school studying, A random person just starts mouthing the teacher and talking back to the teacher. I do not see the reason for this after all they have done for us. Without them we would not be as smart as us kids would be now. That is my question I hope someone answers...

Kaitlynn’s Avatar
Kaitlynn Nov 14, 2019 870 views

Is teaching as rewarding as it sounds

#teaching #education #teacher

Erick’s Avatar
Erick Sep 06, 2019 583 views

Do employees get holiday days off?

I don’t mind being at work taking care of animals on a day off #animals #medicine #veterinary

Ahmad’s Avatar
Ahmad Apr 24, 2020 1247 views

How to be a better student

#studying-tips #school #higher-education

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Laureale Mar 13, 2018 743 views

What is a day in the life of a Dentists like?

#dentistry #dental-hygienist

Harry’s Avatar
Harry Jun 08, 2020 12205 views

Can you still try for being a doctor even if you are bad at math?

Even when I was young, I wasn't really confident in math nor even good at it. Where I am curious if I can still run towards my dream which is becoming a neurosurgeon even if I am bad at math. #math #medicine #college