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Redding, California
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Jessica Jul 23, 2020 294 views

How do you prepare for a clinical social work?


Daniella’s Avatar
Daniella Jul 25, 2020 714 views

What is the biggest mistake you see in a resume?

I am a senior attending university majoring in business administration. I am currently applying for internships that could lead to my career path after graduation. #marketing #career-path #resume

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly Jul 30, 2020 701 views

Other than a degree, what other skills are necessary in a marketing career?

What other skills come in handy or look good on a resume for a marketing career? #JULY20 #career #career-path #resume #skills #marketing

Madelynne’s Avatar
Madelynne Jul 29, 2020 486 views

What are some tips for preparing for a future career while in college?

I am a college student and wondering what are some practical steps I can take right now to prepare for my future and my career after I graduate. What are some ways that I can build my resume and gain experience while still managing and doing well in school? #career #prepared #JULY #JULY20...

Laniya’s Avatar
Laniya Jul 30, 2020 563 views

If you have a degree in International Business, what job(s) have you had that a Business Management degree could not obtain?

I am a college freshman majoring in Business Management but transitioning into International Business. #career #business #July #JULY #JULY20 #July20

Nagesh’s Avatar
Nagesh May 04, 2016 540 views

What is the difference between majority in business and majority in marketing?

I want to either major in business or marketing, I thought they were the same but I don't know. #business #engineer #professor #marketing #students #doctors

Nargis’s Avatar
Nargis Jun 24, 2016 752 views

I want to become a radio jockey. what skills do I require the most and is there any madatory qualifications like bachelors or masters degree?

I want to know more on how I can become a radio jockey #marketing #advertising #radio-host #presentations #administrative #access

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Luis Jul 30, 2020 391 views

financial support opportunities to gain a certificate

I want to start a certification in Digital Marketing at Hunter College but I don't have financial help, what options do I have besides getting into debt? The program is perfect but expensive> Certificate in Digital Marketing & Combined Certificate in Digital Marketing & Adobe...