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Rachel F. May 18, 2016 514 views

Do most hospitals only hire nurses with a bachelors, or are associates degrees accepted also?

I have heard that in the contiguous US, it is really hard to get a job as a nurse with only an associates degree in that field. #college #nurse #healthcare #career-counseling #health #hospital #bachelors-degree...


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Sierra H. May 24, 2016 555 views

What other careers can you get with an Associates degree in health sciences?

I am currently enrolled in college to become a Cardiac Invasive Specialist. That program is an Associates degree in health sciences, so I was wondering what else I could do with the degree. Thank you, Sierra #college #healthcare #career-counseling #health #health-science #associate...


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Melanie K. May 24, 2016 486 views

What are the downfalls of being a nurse?

I am thinking about becoming a nurse and I was wondering if there were any major factors that I might want to know about before proceeding a degree. #nursing #nurse #healthcare...


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jazmyn F. May 15, 2017 567 views

What type of doctor should I be?

I want to live in Canada and be a famous figure skater on Canada's Olympic team but I want to have a real career. my plans were either a pediatrician or an ob-gyn. What should I do? #health-care #career-details #medicine...


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Jonathan S. Mar 27, 2018 519 views

On average, how many times do people change their career?

As an upcoming freshman to #college, I still don't know what I want to do, and sometimes I fear in the future that whatever I will be doing isn't what I actually want to be doing. But if I get a degree in a job I no longer want to pursue, then what will come out of my future. Sometimes I just...

#career-counseling #career #future-careers

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Athena R. Jul 02, 2020 157 views

How can I get accepted into nursing school straight from high school?

Hello, I am currently a rising junior in high school. I am very interested in nursing, and becoming an RN. I want to obtain a BSN, and later my masters because I want to specialize in sports medicine or orthopedics. I am currently interning at a rehab facility, and want to find some volunteer...

#medicine #nurse #nursing #healthcare #registered-nurses

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Athena R. Aug 22, 2020 120 views

What was/is your experience been in nursing school? How would you describe it?

Hello! I am a rising junior in high school, and I am certain that going into nursing is something I want to do. More specifically, I want to get my BSN, become a registered nurse, then get my masters and become a nurse practitioner (specialize in sports medicine or orthopedics). I am curious...

#college #registerednurse #collegelife #nursepractitioner #nurse #nursing #nursingschool

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Shay T. Aug 27, 2020 63 views

How much time would you recommend spending outside of class while studying for nursing school?

I am a 17 year old high school student already accepted to a community college for nursing school....


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Shay T. Aug 27, 2020 59 views

What would you recommend for studying materials in college for a nursing major?

I am a 17 year old high school student looking into nursing....


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Braden S. Oct 19, 2020 64 views

Is Nursing a fun job?