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Sara Parsons

Nursing Management and Education
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
San Antonio, Texas
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Lauryn’s Avatar
Lauryn Apr 16 288 views

How do I begin my nursing career ?

I am 20 years old. I just finished high school. I would love to get in the nursing career. I have joined an CNA program at Lehman college. I would love to learn more on how I can expand my nursing career.

Ivy’s Avatar
Ivy Feb 22 384 views

How can I overcome my fear of math and build the necessary skills for nursing Are there resources or support systems available for students like me who struggle with math?

I've been contemplating a major in nursing, but I'm grappling with the fact that math has always been a struggle for me. Throughout school, I've often felt embarrassed about my difficulties with math, to the point where seeking help became daunting. Despite my best efforts, I haven't grasped...

Azusena’s Avatar
Azusena Mar 22, 2023 570 views

What is your favorite part of being a nurse?

Just trying to find out more about the nursing field. Ill be training to be one soon.

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Sep 01, 2017 866 views

Are there any schools for nursing that will accept you with a 15 on your ACT?

I have lost all hope in myself.
#nursing #nurse #nursing-education

Wendy’s Avatar
Wendy Sep 01, 2017 1110 views

How would you go about studying for an accelerated nursing program?

I will be starting an accelerated nursing program (1 year program) in November and was looking for any tips or advice to help me succeed. Since this is an accelerated program, I am not sure if my normal study habits will suffice. Nursing programs are normally 2-3 years, so my program will be...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Sep 01, 2017 725 views

If I get a job working for a hospital would they pay for the rest of my college?

Say I have my RN and a hospital hires me- would they pay for the rest of my college education to become a Pediatric ARNP? #nursing-education

Franchesca’s Avatar
Franchesca Mar 22, 2017 846 views

How do I know how many years of college I would need to become a nurse?

I am a high school sophomore student and i am wanting to become a nurse but dont really know what I need to do to get there. #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #physical-therapy #nursing-education #occupational-health #pediatric-nurse

Kiara’s Avatar
Kiara Feb 15, 2017 1462 views

What state requirements do I need to be able to become an ICU nurse?

I want to know what state requirements I need. I need to have certain requirements to become an ICU nurse. #nurse #nursing-education #icu-nurse

Kiara’s Avatar
Kiara Feb 15, 2017 1079 views

What is the average salary of an ICU nurse?

I want to know this so I can have an understanding of what I would make. #nursing #nursing-education #icu-nurse #financial-planning

Deana’s Avatar
Deana May 25, 2016 888 views

Is it best to have a study group or buddy when in nursing school?

I want to become an RN but do not have the best studying habits. What has been the best way for you to study? #nursing #nursing-education

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jun 02, 2016 2912 views

Do you have to be great at math to become a nurse?

Hey! I know I want to be a nurse one day. Everyone I talk to (medical students, nursing professors, nurses, etc) say that you need to be good at math. I don't fail math, but it is definitely not my strong suit. I can do it, but it might take me awhile. So, my question is, since I am not great...

Kali ’s Avatar
Kali Mar 17, 2016 1467 views

I plan on getting my associates degree in nursing then later perusing on, but my question is should I apply to the nursing program my senior year of high school? Or should I take prerequisites first?

I plan on going to a community college (bridgevalley) I cannot even find what prerequisites are required. Maybe one of you could do better than I could if you would mind looking. But I don't know if I should apply next year (my senior year) or after my prereqs. PLEASE HELP #nursing #help...