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jeremy Jan 22, 2021 1308 views

What is a Civil Engineer

#civil #civil-engineering #civil-engineer

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Joshi Feb 21, 2021 316 views

Guidance for study

Hi I want to become a physiotherapist and now I'm doing diploma in fitness and health promotion so can you please guide me to my goal how to achieve it and what are requirements and duration for that please help me.
#health #physiotherapist #people

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Alacia Feb 08, 2021 488 views

Genetic Counseling

I'm a high school junior and currently interested in health, more specifically genetics. I've looked at genetic counseling and completing the AP science courses available at my school. What can I do to improve my portfolio and what would my pathway be to become a genetic counselor? #school...

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Alex Feb 17, 2021 1412 views

What does it take to become a Scientist?

This is another kind of career I'd like to study one day. If I want to become a Scientist for my future, what do I need to learn? Like what degree do I need? Or where could be a perfect college? Because I'm planning to learn about some Chemistry, Anatomy, and mostly Technology Science. #science...