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sam Oct 04, 2022 133 views

What is the best route to take if I want to become a photographer?

What process should I go through to become a photographer? What should I study in college that can help me get better at photography?

hannah’s Avatar
hannah Oct 06, 2021 297 views

how can i get more motivated?

#work #motivation

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Jun 16, 2021 271 views

How do I get better at art?

Hi I'm Nicholas Barbato I am 17 years old I go to New Dorp High School Staten Island New York and I like art #art #artist

Norah’s Avatar
Norah May 25, 2021 411 views

Are the sallary and benefits that musem curators typically get worth it?

I'm doing a project on museum curators and want to know about the typical salary of the career. Is the average salary worth it? Are there usually good benefits for this career, are they worth it?
#career #curator #museum #art #salary #fine-art

Ray’s Avatar
Ray May 13, 2021 478 views

How can I combine my interests in psychology and nutrition?

What jobs are available to me?
I am majoring in psychology for my BS and my college does not offer nutrition but they do have biology, biochemistry, exercise science, and health science. What should I do? Do I need grad school?
#psychology #nutrition

Zongyin’s Avatar
Zongyin Mar 12, 2021 291 views

Does it require talent to be an art director?

#art #artist #arts

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Ramcis Feb 24, 2021 288 views

How can I make money at a young age?

I like to to play video games, take photos of myself and others, and listen to music. I kinda want a career around that like produce samples and beats for artist. Or maybe become a personal photographer for a celebrity, etc. #music-production #photography

Katrina’s Avatar
Katrina Apr 15, 2021 373 views

How should I go about picking a major for college?

I'm in high school and I still don't know what major I want to take in college. I know I'm interested in art, but there are many art related majors to choose from. #art #majors