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Brian B

Technical Specialist, Security
Computer and Network Security
Phoenix, Arizona
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chris Sep 07, 2022 175 views

2.whats the typical schedule for security work????

Night shift or day shift weekends???

James’s Avatar
James May 03, 2022 283 views

Why did you want to be a Information Security Analyst

Trying to get more information about this topic.

Sian’s Avatar
Sian Apr 19, 2022 246 views

Do I have to be really good with computers to be an information security analyzer?

I know how to do basics on computers, but I do not think I am all that tech-savvy.

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Oct 25, 2021 304 views

What does the typical work day look like for someone working in the Cyber Security/Network Security field?

#information-technology #cyber-security #network-security

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Oct 30, 2016 830 views

What kind of jobs can one pursue with a degree in cybersecurity, and would a computer science degree open more doors?

My main goal in college is to achieve a master's degree in cybersecurity, however, I'm not sure if computer science would have a broader spectrum of career paths. #computer-science #computer #cyber-security #computer-security #cyber-defense

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Oct 30, 2016 4489 views

Is Air Force, Army, or Navy ROTC a better match with a cybersecurity major?

I plan on taking part of an ROTC program in college, and wish to pursue a career in the cyber security field within the military as a commissioned officer. However, I don't know which branch is best for this type of career.

Elisabeth’s Avatar
Elisabeth Oct 31, 2016 923 views

How much computer science experience do I need before I decide to major in that in college?

I want to major in computer science because I think it's a really cool subject and I want to learn more, but I feel like I don't have as much experience as everyone else who majors in that. I'm in AP computer science right now and I'm getting it as I go along, but everyone else in the class is...