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Shawn Aug 20, 2023 516 views

What major should I choose ?

I would like to do something in I T

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Balram Oct 03, 2023 537 views

How can I learn Java script?

What is the best way to start learning Java script online?

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Jed Mar 02, 2022 1941 views

What are the requirements for MIT?

I'm trying to get into MIT and wondering what the requirements are. #college #MIT

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Anna Oct 18, 2022 601 views

What career should I choose?

I am a junior and I think my grade is good. I decided to go to four years of university but I don't know what to do after then.

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Michael Nov 02, 2021 949 views

What is a strength/Core to have in Computer Science?

I am Michael Rodriguez who is a Junior at the school Phillip and Sala Burton High School. I was pondering what is a core value to have before starting a career in computer science, Should I improve on something like coding or communication before fully committing? #computer-science

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Mohamed Nov 04, 2021 570 views

How to get credit

#college #money-management #money #investment-management #finance

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Bhavika Jan 07, 2018 803 views

I want to become a legal advisor but unaware about the field I should practice in

I am a llb student ,bt don't know what should a practice to become a legal advisor. Should I practice intellectual property or finance or negotiable instrument or something else.?#law #lawstudent #legaladvisor #practicinglaw

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Christian Aug 16, 2018 1025 views

What’s the best major to get a bachelors degree in if you want to major in law ?

Law school prep. #majors #college-majors #law #law-school

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Dante Sep 15, 2021 888 views

What are some tips on learning and improving on coding java?

I am junior and have just started to learn about Java. #computer-programming #Java #high school