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Yareli’s Avatar
Yareli Oct 20, 2022 852 views

What CSU are physical therapy schools? Which ones offer physcial therapy programs?

I am applying for CSU at the moment and need help with which schools have these offers.

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jessica Jan 19, 2022 705 views

What is the salary range for pastry chefs just starting out?

#culinary-arts #cooking #chef

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Jan 11, 2022 614 views

What are some ways to make a principal look good, if you are in a support position? I read that is the purpose of many jobs.


Zayde’s Avatar
Zayde Nov 01, 2021 489 views

How do I figure out what I should do

I’m a hard worker, andI could do many things. #sports #athletic #mechanic #construction #beingactive

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Jul 28, 2021 1187 views

Is teaching a tiring job

When I was in highschool and middle school, most of my teachers really seemed like they didn't want to be there. That gave me motivation to be better if I became a teacher but I don't know if I'll be up to it if it'll end up the same way as them. #teaching #teacher #college #teacher #teaching

Zariyah’s Avatar
Zariyah Aug 11, 2021 528 views

What is this site for? What does it help you with

I am in 10th grade. My teacher thinks its import for us to make so many accounts that I don't even remember what they are or what they do. #teacher I also tend to get good grades.

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 10, 2021 686 views

how do you set up classroom?

i am 14 #teacher

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Leighton Nov 30, 2021 872 views

How fun is teaching little kids?

#teacher #children #education

Britteny’s Avatar
Britteny Dec 01, 2021 822 views

What subject do you teach?

#teacher #teaching #education

Diara’s Avatar
Diara Jan 11, 2022 1627 views

How do I handle classroom management?

I am currently a third year college student and I will be student teaching next winter semester. Whenever I work with children, I feel like they see me as a friend and not someone who they should actively listen to during learning. I work with preschoolers, aging from 2 to 5. How do I get my...

Diljot’s Avatar
Diljot Feb 21, 2017 1693 views

What is a highschool level Anthropology course about?

I am thinking about taking anthropology, psychology, and sociology courses. #sociology #anthropology #course-selection