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Jason Gysbers

Technical Program Manager
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Irvine, California
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Corey’s Avatar
Corey Jun 21, 2023 394 views

Hello, how do I make a website?

Looking to learn more about building a website!

Shayne’s Avatar
Shayne Oct 01, 2023 491 views

What proggraming language should I study?

Should I study C++, Java, Python, or HTML5 in college?

Jaiden’s Avatar
Jaiden Dec 07, 2023 599 views

As a software developer how do you take and use user feedback into your process, and how does it affect what you are working on?

I'm in 10th grade and I'm doing a project on software developers which is a career I'm interested in going into in the IT field.

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Aug 17, 2023 912 views

What is Scrum and what is Agile?

I have a very basic understanding of what Agile is. I read over the Agile manifesto but I am still having a hard time fully understanding how it fits into software development. I have no real idea what Scrum or being a "Scrum Master" means. Ive heard the terms used before when referring to...

Yuanbiao’s Avatar
Yuanbiao Oct 27, 2022 335 views

What should I learn if I want a job in programming?

I am a high school student.

Fahmi’s Avatar
Fahmi Dec 18, 2022 7899 views

How can I decide between Biology & Computer Science (joint ) or Computer Science or Biology

I am 12th Grade student and preparing my application for undergraduate admission.
I like biology and computer programming both?

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jan 24, 2022 453 views

Would you rather work for a video game company or a software company as a programmer?

I'm currently debating on which route to take after College. #Programming

Garvin’s Avatar
Garvin Dec 10, 2021 1114 views

Is Computer Science a good major? (or worth the time)

I'm a senior at Burton high school. I'm interesting in Computer Sciences however is doubtful due to the experience i have with coding, etc. #college #computerscience
#computer-science #computer-software #technology #computer-engineering