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Tobias Mensah

IT Specialist
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Laurel, Maryland
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Angela May 24, 2022 620 views

Which would you say is better in your personal experience?

I'm a high school senior who's already been accepted into a Community College for Computer Science and I'm curious about other options I've heard of. So my question is, "Is college or coding boot camps better and why?"

Cassandra’s Avatar
Cassandra Mar 03, 2022 512 views

Are most graphic design jobs through designing magazines? Or are there other types of jobs that are popular to go with graphic design?

#graphic-design #art #design #career

junhua’s Avatar
junhua Jan 22, 2022 479 views

What if I don't feel fit?

#college #career

Landon’s Avatar
Landon Feb 09, 2022 352 views

Is It a good idea to be a mechanic In Minnesota.

what types of mechanics are popular in Minnesota. #mechanics #job-search

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Nicco Feb 19, 2022 392 views

Thank you for agreeing to this informational interview. My name is Nicco. I am a Job Corps student at Glenmont, and I am reaching out to you because I believe I would enjoy a career in emergency management director, and I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in this area. Here are the three questions I have for you. 1. _____________________Could I try connecting to someone here virtually for a informational interview about high school diploma accepting jobs? 2. Does this career work in a LLC community along with ATAX? 3.Can this career still help me get the certificates to be an endocrinologist? Thank you in advance for your time. Sincerely, _____________________

My biggest dream is be an endocrinologist and I'll need a better paying job to afford a college in that field. I'm going to save my time but I do need more information before I start training. #careerpaths #job

Fatima’s Avatar
Fatima Feb 19, 2022 481 views

What should I look for in college in order to find narrow down a career choice in psychology?

#psychology #college #career #career-counseling #career-choice

Jiale’s Avatar
Jiale Feb 03, 2022 3250 views

What jobs do students with a chemistry major generally end up with?

#chemistry #job