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Answer to: What are my job options if I want to work in tech but don't want to be an engineer?

Hi Greg - I too was like you. I love technology and the only real technology majors at my school seemed to be Computer Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering. I chose the Engineering route because I didn't want to write computer code all day and then switched to IT at a different...

Answer to: How do I get a paid internship during college?

You can use job search sites to find the right opportunities. Job boards that I highly recommend are: 1. 2. 3. Dice (IT related) 4. It looks like there is also a great internship site: Don't forget to reach out to your college...

Answer to: What should I do?

You have plenty of time to decide on what you want to be! You can always do both as well! You can do even do more than 2 things, the opportunities are endless! Don't put limits on...

Answer to: How do you start to promote a new company you wanna start up

Start with a business case! There are lots of great examples on the internet for business cases. Make sure you understand and can promote the business case for your company. Laying out your thoughts in a simple format will help you think about all of the questions an investor would ask...

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