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Bolingbrook, Illinois
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I just want to make at least 80K a year before 25

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Sian Apr 19, 2022 543 views

Do I have to be really good with computers to be an information security analyzer?

I know how to do basics on computers, but I do not think I am all that tech-savvy.

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Sian Apr 19, 2022 441 views

Who should I look forward to talking to the most while trying to become a marine engineer?

I just want to know what other positions I will be working with.

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Sian Apr 19, 2022 417 views

Is being a marine engineer something that takes hard work, or do you have to be good right from the start?

I want to become a marine engineer but I don't think I have the skills. I just don't think I'm smart enough, but I'm eager to learn.