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Fnu Jun 24, 2022 1143 views

How can I get internship in IT field?

I am pursuing bachelor in Computer Science and want to start my career. It seems getting internship almost impossible before graduation.

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Shaina Apr 16, 2022 586 views

Where do I find internships or immersions?

Greetings! I am a Grade 12 student in the STEM fields. I want to start my journey by looking for free and virtual internships and Immersion in the STEM or ABM field to expand my knowledge and skillset in these industries. My school currently does not provide these opportunities. Any experience...

Cezanne’s Avatar
Cezanne Apr 26, 2018 2761 views

Is it worth sacrificing most of your social life during college to graduate top of your class?

I am struggling balancing my social life and my academics. As of now my time as a student has been mostly spent studying and working to pay bills. Is it worth sacrificing my social life during college to achieve high grades?
#sociallife #fun #studying #hard-work #socializing

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Daniel Jul 28, 2022 586 views

What additional training/certifications/classes should I take to further my career in Cyber Security

Hi my name is Daniel I am a current cyber security prospect, I am looking to build myself, as well as my portfolio in the field and would appreciate any information or tips for a strong lucrative start.

Thank you for your time.

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So24fia May 06, 2022 738 views

Programming languages


I am a college student majoring in computer science. I have realised that not everything is taught in a classroom, therefore I don't know which language should I pick up next. I studied C, Java, SQL, HTML. I am currently learning CSS, but what should be next?
Thank you!