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Chin Jan 08, 2023 557 views

How to be confident on public speaking ?

How to be confident on public speaking?

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Jonas Nov 07, 2022 332 views

Number of people?

How many people could you train per day?

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Dalilah Nov 07, 2022 459 views

How many years of medical school do I need to become an OB/GYN ?

My name is Dalilah and I am a senior at Lighthouse Community Charter School. I am a student with a 3.5 GPA and above. Some skills that have helped me get where I am today is being organized, time oriented and great communication skills. I am organized by completing my work on time and having an...

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Markey Jan 17, 2018 720 views

What Undergrad Degree should I declare for a career in Optometry?

I am a senior and applying for college. I do not want to waste time declaring a degree that will not aid in my application to Optometry school. #optometry

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Vidyalakshmi May 03, 2016 863 views

How to become a good Eye doctor?

I am interested in the study of Eye #computer #education #money #legal-studies #access #motorsports

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Jennifer Oct 24, 2022 372 views

College Major Help?

How do you know which major is right for you?

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Karlla Oct 24, 2022 443 views

College Courses ?

can i re take a class in college if i dont do well the first time to help my GPA?

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Yareli Oct 20, 2022 2973 views

What is the difference between a physical therapist, physical therapist assistant and physical therapist technician?

I am looking forward to going into physical therapy school but I am not sure what of these three I want to be. Mostly because I don't know what each one is.

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Jayden Oct 18, 2022 743 views

How were you able to start a clothing brand as a young freshman in Highschool?

I am 14 trying to start my clothing brand but I don't have any advice to go off of when making a brand.