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Ellana’s Avatar
Ellana Dec 25, 2023 568 views

How would you go about entering a potential career as a minor looking for more than just an entry level job?

I just graduated a year and a half ahead of time and I've been working since I was 14. I've been promoted to leadership positions and would like to start a more permanent career that I would enjoy asap. I do have interests in moving to Montana and I'd like a job that I could continue there or...

Fake’s Avatar
Fake Dec 20, 2023 358 views

What job recommendations do you have?

Something you enjoy to do or have a really strong talent for, and when you find that

Brady’s Avatar
Brady Oct 04, 2023 333 views

If I want to go into the medical field does it matter what college I go to?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am wondering If I am going to go into the medical field does it matter if I go to a college that is specifically known for medical things or would any college that offers the major work?

Jayla’s Avatar
Jayla Oct 04, 2023 211 views

What to do when finding a job?

What should I do if I want to find a job? How should I look for my resources when it comes to finding jobs? WHy is finding and researching these resources good for my knowledge? When will these resources help me?

Yuridia’s Avatar
Yuridia Dec 10, 2022 587 views

When did you begin seriously evaluating your career?

What helped you to be where you are right now?

Yuridia’s Avatar
Yuridia Dec 10, 2022 444 views

Did you know what you wanted to become from the start or did you changed your mind throughout the years?

When I was in elementary I wanted to become a doctor but throughout the years I realized it was difficult and so I decided to become a nurse because I want to study medicine.

Jaidan’s Avatar
Jaidan Nov 02, 2022 618 views

What drove you to go to college and pursue your current career?

I want to know what inspired you to chose your current career.

Yong Can’s Avatar
Yong Can Oct 24, 2022 550 views

Career goals...

A career goal i have in mind is engineering because an average engineer makes over 100,000 a year which makes me interested. I'm mainly interested in careers with high pay rates

Jhovanny’s Avatar
Jhovanny Nov 02, 2022 541 views

When did you guys realize procrastination was something getting in the way of your life.?

When did you guys realize procrastination was something getting in the way of your life.

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Nov 10, 2022 1536 views

How do I keep up with my hobbies having a full time job?

I really want to continue writing and performing, but I don't know how to carve out time for everything I want to do. Do you use any planners or digital tools to help plan life outside work?