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Jasmine Aug 16, 2023 462 views

How can I prevent student debt/loan from piling up?

I want to become a doctor, but it may be too costly for my family and I was wondering if there was a way to avoid the immense amount of debt that comes with this job.

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Kayla Feb 06, 2023 455 views

How can I relax my social anxiety?

I have really bad social anxiety and when I want to do something with my family or go somewhere with them, my social anxiety gets in the way.

Leeton’s Avatar
Leeton Feb 05, 2023 1223 views

Would you be willing to participate in a survey about remote work environments and its impact on job satisfaction?

Hey, I'm a high school student conducting a research project on how your home workspace impacts your job satisfaction. If you work remotely could you complete this survey, it takes about 5 minutes. This is a repost from a previous question, but I was hoping to get five more responses before I...

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Jan 31, 2023 471 views

What degree is needed for working in protective services?

What values will I need for a job in protective services?
How did you join the protective services industry?

joshua’s Avatar
joshua Jan 26, 2023 514 views

How helpful is being an apprentice as a electrician ?

How long is apprenticeship for most electricians.