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Ryan Jun 05, 2023 281 views

What are the difficulties of being an accountant for the IRS?

What are the main stresses that most employees of the IRS deal with on a daily bases?

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Briel May 17, 2023 285 views

How do you decide what college to go to when you have so many options?

I know what I want to do after graduation this year, but don't know where I want to do it at. I have a lot of options, but just not a lot of time and it's scary to me because pretty soon I'm going to be on my own

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Oct 05, 2016 927 views

What are the requirements to be a fraud investigator?

I am interested in doing fraud investigations and I've research the job description, but nothing is really giving me an exact answer. The answers I'm interested in are about: Do you have to be a police officer? Does extent knowledge in math required? #prosecution

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zack May 09, 2023 316 views

How can i make lots of money while traveling the country?

I want to make money while traveling to famous awesome places what are jobs I could do that with.

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Alice May 19, 2023 448 views

How are college courses prioritized?

I was initially under the impression you can just go to college and focus on your major + a few other classes. I plan on majoring in fine arts. Is it mandatory that I complete other core class subjects prior to actually getting to take an art class? Can I even expect to touch a paint brush...