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Bella’s Avatar
Bella Aug 04, 2023 523 views

Do you have any advice on note-taking in college?

I’m starting college this fall and struggled with note-taking in high school.

jonathan’s Avatar
jonathan Jul 31, 2023 340 views

What does a typical day look like for a chef?

I'm a San Jose Job Corps student, studying culinary to become a Chef

Marsel’s Avatar
Marsel Jul 24, 2023 421 views

How do u know if u made a good or bad career desicon ?

My question is how do u know if your career path is good or bad and when do u know to leave something alone if it's not working career wise and when do u know that your doing ah career and not a job

Dori’s Avatar
Dori Jul 25, 2023 636 views

What was the hiring process like for your nursing job ?What does your company look for in a nurse?

What hospital are you working for and what was the interview process like for you? How long did it take for you to get started at your current job?

Che'lajhia’s Avatar
Che'lajhia Jul 26, 2023 250 views

Why should Igo to college? How world college benefit me in the future?

I want to be a criminal justice lawyer but it's takes a lot of schooling just to do something that I aspire to do. Why should I risk it all if there is a possibility of me not getting the career I've worked for.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jul 24, 2023 537 views

Why am i so stressed about my future?

I d k why im j always stressed

Angie’s Avatar
Angie Jul 24, 2023 579 views

How do people become successful?

How to be successful,what does it take to become a better and successful person what do we need to do or sacrifice what’s the best path to
Take to
Get there