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Laila May 18 255 views

What is the pay as a beginner welder ?

Pay or Salary income

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Samuel May 30 584 views

Ways to specialize as a welding/electrician apprentice?

Is there any specialization that you wished they had learned earlier in your career or still want to learn. I'm also wondering about the average work conditions and hours, if they are heinous or relaxed. I am also wondering about upward or lateral mobility, the prospects of advancing to a more...

Ismael’s Avatar
Ismael May 10 379 views

How would you describe a typical day on your job?

How would you describe a typical day on your job?

ezekiel’s Avatar
ezekiel May 06 329 views

why did you want to become a welder?

what interests you about welding?

ezekiel’s Avatar
ezekiel May 06 237 views

How did you learn to weld?

where did you learn all the skills to weld?

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Isaiah Apr 19 568 views

What is your biggest success story in welding How long did it take to get where you are now? What is your biggest failure and how did you learn from it? ?

I am a student and I need to complete an assignment for my selected trade

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Braxton Mar 22 334 views

Where do welders work?

Where are some of the common places most welder work?

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Ernan Apr 08 399 views

how long did it take you to complete welding?

how many year or months did it take

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Ernan Apr 08 409 views

is it more hands on or book work in welding ?

like is it a lot of reading?

Ernan’s Avatar
Ernan Apr 08 509 views

Is it a difficult job to do in welding?

Is it hard to put things together?

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Keaton Jan 27, 2023 632 views

What is the best field to work in when trying to become a welder?

My name is Keaton I'm from Rock Hill, and I'm hoping to become a welder when I get out of school but I'm wondering which field of work is the most enjoyable, and the most rewarding when becoming a welder.

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Ajae Feb 28 871 views

How long did it take to get your certificate in welding?

wondering if i should try learning welding as my trade

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Aidan Mar 11 530 views

How can I become a better welder ?

I want to learn how to weld better.

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Mar 11 439 views

In your own words, how would you describe Welding?

I would like to know more.

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Jana Feb 08 666 views

What accomplishments do you feel set you apart in the welding industry??

I want to know more about welding.