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Veronica Sep 14, 2023 366 views

What online jobs can a 16 year old take that delivers a good enough income?

A good enough income would be about 14 to 17 dollars an hr.

AJ’s Avatar
AJ Sep 08, 2023 569 views

Where can I start working as a part time job as a teen?

When i soon get my first job i want it to relate to my future career as a NP so i can get a little bit of practice. What jobs could possibly be related to the medical branch? Could volunteering at a local nursing home be a good idea? or maybe a local animal shelter.

Madilyn’s Avatar
Madilyn Sep 11, 2023 512 views

How can find a career for me when I can't even think of what I want to be?

Career paths for business ?
For people who work in business and business management what do you find most enjoyable and what made you pick your career
Also how much do you make (if not too personal)

Also best courses and colleges for it

Emu’s Avatar
Emu Sep 08, 2023 312 views

What choicescan i make into having a good careerand financialplanning?

How do I know what colleges have the most educational teaching for careers such as becoming a doctor, nurse, etc. As starters for in high school what should I focus on more to achieving my career. What is a pathwaysthat will help me become more interested in for medical research?

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Aug 31, 2023 692 views

What jobs can you work in that are in the ag business field without a college degree?

I’m not planning on going to college because it’s not for me but I need a job in ag business really if I wanna stay around here with my family. I can’t pack up my baby and leave her dad at his family business without her to go to college

jaelyn’s Avatar
jaelyn Sep 04, 2023 532 views

What can I do to be more successful in whatever career I chose in the future ?

What can I do to be more successful in whatever career I chose in the future ?

Livy’s Avatar
Livy Aug 28, 2023 374 views

When should I be thinking about jobs?

Is it to early for a 14 year old to be thinking about jobs?

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Aug 27, 2023 653 views

What jobs can I get with my credentials?

I have the following credentials: Security Guard Licence NSC First Aid, CPR, & AED Course Card and Certificate OSHA 30 Site Safety Training Card Types of Cyber Security Certificate Bookkeeping Basics Certificate Time Management Certificate Conflict Management Certificate Content Marketing...

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian Aug 30, 2023 770 views

How do I know what career path is for me?

i have careers in mind that I'm interested in, but I can't decide which one would be best for me to pursue and work towards.

Lilyana’s Avatar
Lilyana Aug 30, 2023 409 views

How do I make a resume good enough to get a job at a place like Spirit Halloween?

I applied there a few weeks ago, and im worried my resume may get overlooked..

EmaaEmaa$amuel123’s Avatar
EmaaEmaa$amuel123 Aug 30, 2023 425 views

Why I join Career Village?

It is because I love to share my knowledge with everyone and it is a good social medium for it. Also there are many professional that also guide me about how I achieve my future goals

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Aug 26, 2023 566 views

How do you get started with your career?

What’s a good career to have? How do you get started with it. I still don’t have a career picked out so any advice helps. When did you decide your career choice?