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Mallory Feb 18 1144 views

What is an essay format that could make my writing sound more convincing ?

Please be specific on format.

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Jan 11 688 views

Is it necessary to make connections with those around you to market yourself, or could you do it entirely online with little to no interaction in your real life?

This is more centered to the people around you & the people online, what would be the best way to see good reception?

Skylah’s Avatar
Skylah Jan 11 4129 views

If I didn't want to go to college what are some good high paying jobs that I don't need a degree in?

Do I need a degree?

Carolina’s Avatar
Carolina Oct 07, 2023 317 views

I want to help as much as possible but I'm 15 years old and I live somewhere everyone laughs at me if I do something important, can you help me?

I'm from a small unimportant town and there was no volunteering but I feel I have to do something and help as much as I can.

paris’s Avatar
paris Jan 10 978 views

First Job!

How do you Create a Resume if you have no experience with a job or a experience with anything in the workforce?

Zayne’s Avatar
Zayne Jan 11 1389 views

How do you find a job or an opportunity based on the skills your good at?

For example if your good at drawing how could that apply to finding the right job. more specifically without a college education. Especially if you've already graduated from high school. I've been out of school for a year now and I'm trying to figure out the right path for me