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Sophia Mar 25 361 views

What is the main goal of an Film and Video Editor?

What is the main goal and purpose of a Film and Video Editor?

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Legacie Feb 29 516 views

Best film Career?

What is the best career for film and production

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Dashaun Feb 17 1009 views

How Do I Start As A Teen Actor At 14?

Con Anyone Answer This Question I've Been Wondering How To Start Out But I Dont Know

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John Feb 06 543 views

Industry vs Freelancing vs Indie directing?

Is freelancing the same as Indie directing? What separates these three? What are some pros and cons of all three? How do I succeed in each? And how do I switch from one to the other, such as switching from Industry directing to Freelancing? Will I have more control over the movie if I choose to...