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Aaru Mar 05 545 views

How do i choose what career path to take??

I will be going in 9th grade this year most of my friends have already decided what their career will be and what they will do in the future. I, however, have not and no matter how much i try i still cant decide. To be honest, i had never taken this seriously considering our age which i thought...

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Mar 06 1346 views

Can a history major go into a business job?

I love the study of history more than any other subject and if I could major in it I would. I've always heard that history majors are versatile as the soft skills will land you a job from teaching to business. What business jobs can history majors get and how much will they be paid. Would it be...

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Gorge Mar 01 408 views

What is diversity?

What is diversity?

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Bryce Nov 08, 2023 353 views

How important was making a high paying salary to your career choice and why?

I am interested in ranching, automotive technician or farm equipment technician. More questions: - Do you feel you made the correct career choice right away? Do you have any regrets? Would’ve you done anything differently? - Did you live in the dorms or off campus? What are the pros and cons...

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Racheal Feb 26 982 views

HR skills?

Interview questions for an HR and skills and software required for an HR fresher?